"Once in a blue moon a band comes along that defies description and hits the spot so hard that you're left breathless and bewildered...ALAYA are all that and more. They're progressive, wildly inventive and authentically epic, but they also have an air of otherworldly magic about them. This is how you combine melody and complexity with results that put goosebumps on your goosebumps. This is how you push metal into the future. Alaya are bringing the next level of crushing, intricate and thrillingly soulful metal fusion. Transcendental, triumphant, utterly fucking mind-blowing. The game just changed forever." - Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog Magazine.

ALAYA stand apart from many Progressive Metal artists today, fusing punishing technical rhythm with a genre defying melodic style.

For it's three founding members the decision was clear when committing to raw and innovative songwriting, ignoring the distraction of traditional debut release ethics. Two years of composing and self-recording culminated with thirteen songs carving their respective places into the full length track list of the band's first album, 'THRONES'.

The only demo made available was re-posted by acclaimed metal websites, receiving overwhelming positive feedback and attention from thousands of people overnight. This secured some major endorsements and caught the all-seeing eye of progressive metal gurus BASICK RECORDS, who signed ALAYA in 2012.

With new objectives and the development of a key team,ALAYA will offer 'THRONES' to the masses the way they intended. No filler and no compromise, just the brutal melodic story of two years of hope and struggle, and a new sound in Metal.


Evan Graham Dunn - Vocals/Guitar David Jacob Robison - Drums Michael Brandt Rinkenberger - Bass/Vocals

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