Multinational blackened death metal thrashers Calligram are back with their new LP Askesis, a viciously dark and atmospheric ride through bleakened lands of sonic destruction.

Hyperbole aside, Askesis is certainly a record that's suitably deserving of such a grandiose introduction. Led by the Italian Matteo Rizzardo's tortured shrieking vocals, Calligram are a band not for the faint of heart. However, like all good musicians, Calligram know when to hold back as much as push forward. Nowhere is this more apparent than the album closer, Lament – the aptly-named behemoth of a song combines slow anguish and spacious soundscapes with an absolutely pummeling climax.

The London-based band are true testament to modern music's global outlook: Italian, Brazilian, and French nationals creating an album of impressive heft.

"Prepare to have your mind fucked” - Metal Hammer, Heroes of 2017: New Wave of Extreme

"What a dark, nasty treat this is; dirty driving guitars and acidic vocals deliver five tracks that are so well composed they are almost progressive" - Terrorizer

"If the band can sustain this level of bleak intensity over the length of a full album, we may be looking at one of the most defining bands to ever crawl out of the blackened hardcore crypt" - Punktastic


Bruno Polotto - Guitar Tim Desbos - Guitar Smittens - Bass Guitar Ardo Cotones - Drums Matteo Rizzardo - Vocals

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