Chimp Spanner began as a one man multi-instrumental progressive Metal entity, with the independent release of 'Imperium Vorago' in 2004. Since then Chimp (aka Paul Antonio Ortiz) has come to be an integral player in the international online prog/tech scene, having joined the ranks of the boundary pushing Basick Records label to release a further two records.

Performed, recorded, produced and mixed entirely by Paul, 'At The Dreams Edge' (2010) encompasses many styles of progressive Rock and Metal, delivered on a movie-like soundscape with a tight and punchy modern production. Imagine an instrumental Dream Theater crossed with Toto, arranged by Vangelis and produced by Devin Townsend, with Frederik Thordendal on rhythm and Steve Vai on lead guitars. This is truly an album packed full of emotive compositions, warping riffage and polished lead guitar work.

His most current release 'All Roads Lead Here' further refines his unique blend of retro and futuristic influences, featuring six slick progressive tracks revolving around the three part 'Mobius'; a song which is at once an exploration of time and space but also a personal and introspective piece.

From 2010 onwards, Chimp Spanner has also been a live touring band, having completed UK and EU direct support tours with the likes of TesseracT and Cynic and more recently a North American tour with 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Jeff Loomis and The Contortionist as well as appearances at the Euroblast Festival in Germany and headlining shows in Moscow and UK Tech Fest.

Paul is currently in the studio working on the next full length album.


Paul Antonio Ortiz - Everything

Live: Jim Hughes - Guitar Adam Swan - Bass Boris Le Gal - Drums

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All Roads Lead Here

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