CIRCLES have been hard at work promoting their brand of Australian metal worldwide, basking in worldwide press attention since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP 'The Compass' in May 2011. Throughout 2012 the band have been on the road touring whilst also creating and writing much of their new material.

The results of two years of meticulous compositional craft and dedication to pushing their genre-shattering sound towards a brave new horizon, CIRCLES' debut album 'Infinitas' looks certain to stun and delight fans of progressive metal and idiosyncratic extremity all over the planet. A dazzling tour-de-force of fiendishly original ideas, it represents an inspired collision between state-of-the-art sheen and soulful artistry that transcends the stylistic limitations of the Djent Metal scene that its creators plainly belong to but which is by no means big or bold enough to contain them.

CIRCLES release 'Infinitas' via Basick Records on October 14 2013.


Perry Kakridas - Vocals Matty Clarke - Guitars David Hunter - Drums Ted Furuhashi - Guitars Drew Patton - Bass

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Infinitas: Deluxe Edition

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