Al Heslop (guitarist and composer) called upon old friends; Jamie Postones and John Hopkin to expand upon his song ideas, originally with a vocalist in mind.

After a few vocalist auditions, the band realised it was going to be a tall order finding the right person, but more importantly sonic space in the already vast sounding arrangements, thus HEIGHTS was born whilst officially settling on an instrumental path.

In the new freedom that instrumental music offered, HEIGHTS found their identity; taking influences from Classical, Rock, Jazz, Fusion and Progressive bands, but with a view to create something honest and unique, an emphasis on progression and themes rather than traditional songwriting formulas.


Al Heslop - Guitars John Hopkin - Bass Jamie Postones - Drums

Press & Contact

PRESS: James@holdtightpr.com

BOOKING: creativecontrol@live.co.uk


Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun...

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