Witnessing a live show by rising mathcore innovators THE COLOUR LINE, is a fierce experience.

The five musicians formed the band in 2011 with the goal of being able to push themselves past any barrier; since then, they have spent their time splitting their own skin and breaking their own bones on stages across the country, slowly transforming their own bodies into an intricate roadmap of scars by executing a performance with a level of reckless intensity that simply isn't matched by most other bands.

With 'The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval' (their widely anticipated debut release for Basick Records) set for release in Summer 2015, TCL have already won over lovers of both the technical metal scene and hardcore scene with their DIY E.P (entitled 'Riff City'), and have since been hotly tipped by Rock Sound and Metal Hammer as ones to watch for 2015.

"Live, it is unmistakable why The Colour Line has made it so far without a full release." - Hit The Floor Magazine

"A little ball of energy that was like a shot of adrenalin to the face” - The Bite Magazine

"Chaotic Hardcore at its finest, these guys are completely insane! Their stage presence and energy upstages most bands. Just bring a helmet to their shows!" - English Djentlemens Quarters

"The Colour Line brought something unique to Tech-Fest that no other band could deliver, Ive never heard a band quite like them. Incredible performance, great energy and a serious crowd pleaser!" - UK Tech Metal Fest


Sam Rudderforth - Vocals Sam Arundell - Guitar Usama Rafique - Guitar James Coggin - Drums Josh Peacock - Bass

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The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval

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