Re-emerging from the depths of St. Louis USA, atmospheric noise metallers A DARK ORBIT are set to release their new album 'INVERTED' on November 27 via Basick Records.

Producing a ruthless and progressive sound few can tame, A DARK ORBIT have put together a follow up to their 2009 'Voyager EP' of stunningly intense heaviniess, an aural bombardment that snakes between brutal self-mutilation and fiercely intelligent technical passages. Featuring guest appearances from members of Devil Sold His Soul and Bermuda, there's real beauty here amid the bleakness.

Amongst the passages of INVERTED are moments of quiet contemplation and softly picked atmospheric grooves pierced by earth-shuddering screams which can only have come from a murky tunnel of frustrated despondency. This is an album absolutely remorseless in it's intensity screaming that all is not right with the world and given that the record was written as a reflection of how the world is twisted and completely backwards when it comes to humanity and it's actions/decisions, INVERTED heralds a cleansing purge in the name of music that has seldom sounded more urgent.

As frontman Chad Kapper explains: "As a band we're very proud of our efforts and can't wait for everyone to hear what was bottled up inside of us for so long. This album is full of filth and disgust for many things. It's like the final outcome of a war of impurities. The record embodies the angst and frustration we felt from the long lines of up and downs the band has gone through since our EP. Thank you to everyone that stuck around. Your next wait will not be long."

'INVERTED' is A DARK ORBIT's heaviest, bleakest and most vengeful release to date. It's out via Basick Records on 27 November 2015.



  1. Weep To Water The Black Earth
  2. Surfacing
  3. Alter
  4. They Rode The Heart Until It Spit Venom
  5. Wavering
  6. Haunted Error
  7. Death Cult Philosophy (feat. Corey Bennett from Bermuda)
  8. Lore Of Ocean
  9. Pretty Guts (feat. Paul Green from Devil Sold His Soul)
  10. Zombiehawk
  11. Floating Intact
  12. Proper Skin
  13. Horrible Mud
  14. New Age Sinkhole
  15. The Golden Purpose
Released27 November 2015
Copyright 2018 Basick Records

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