'Parturition', literally translating to "the act of childbirth", is the first label release from UK Death Metal quintet A Trust Unclean.

A record which is well and truly filled to the brim with explosive riffs, crushing breakdowns and demonic vocals, 'Parturition' will undoubtedly bring a grim, satisfied smile to fans of the genre.

Guitarist Mikey G comments: "We feel strongly that our new material is a step up for us, both in terms of songwriting and musicianship. We've learned so much from this process in terms of what we're capable of with the amount of set backs we've had to deal with. It's definitely been an empowering experience for us to really push our boundaries and come out with something that we truly like. We've been much more confident in sampling different musical styles and instrumentation and we feel we've ended up with a record with way more depth and character then anything we've done before. This has also been the first A Trust Unclean record that Noah and Kyle have been involved in creatively and it's been great to work with what they both have to offer, especially considering the short amount of time they've actually been members of this band. We still have a lot of growing to do yet and we feel strongly that together with this new lineup, this will only be a taste of what's to come."

'Parturition' will be released June 2nd 2017 on Basick.



  1. Parturition
  2. Dominion Over Bone
  3. Exonerate
  4. Aeon
  5. Apex
  6. To Encompass And Eclipse
  7. Repurposed
  8. Aetherius
Released02 June 2017
Copyright 2018 Basick Records

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A TRUST UNCLEAN - Parturition (CD)

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