The Animation Of Entomology


With each release BLOTTED SCIENCE raise the bar for extreme progressive instrumental metal, delivering their most intense and complex work yet with 'The Animation of Entomology'.

Featuring the insanely talented guitarist/evil genius Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER, TERRESTRIAL EXILED, SPASTIC INK), bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL), and new arrival, drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA, TERRESTRIAL EXILED) – "The Animation of Entomology" is described as "a cross between CANNIBAL CORPSE, SPASTIC INK, and a Bugs Bunny cartoon."

Having experimented with writing complex pieces of music to sync up with movie sequences in the past with his previous outfit SPASTIC INK, the concept has now been applied to BLOTTED SCIENCE over the course of seven songs and a total of 24 minutes of music, taking Jarzombek's fascination with animated cartoons and creepy crawlies to a whole new level.

"Aside from being a fantastic soundtrack for the observation of insects, this EP is more food on the table for the fans that just can't get enough off their extreme prog metal. 4.5/5" - Sputnik Music

"As instrumental records go, this is just perfect. What Jarzombek and his men have brought to the table is an EP full of music designed to amaze and astound. 10/10" - MWD Music



  1. Ingesting Blattaria
  2. Cretaceous Chasm
  3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
  4. A Sting Operation - I. Human Barbecued
  5. A Sting Operation - II. Cessation Sanitation
  6. A Sting Operation - III. Seeing Dead People
  7. A Sting Operation - IV. Omitting Eyes
Released28 November 2011
Copyright 2018 Basick Records

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BLOTTED SCIENCE - The Animation Of Entomology (CD Album)

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