At The Dreams Edge


From the cinematic introduction of 'Galaxy Rise' to the brazenly epic 'The Mirror', images of positivity and hope are created by smooth major key guitar melodies, fusion rhythms and euphoric synths.

As the guitars down tune, darkness then descends and the upbeat tone makes way for tension and aggression; the mischievous tapping riffs of 'Bad Code' and the relentless energy of 'Harvey Wallbanger' begin a roller-coaster of intensity that reaches an epic climax in the sinister 'Terminus' trilogy.

The journey concludes with the triumphant 'Under One Sky' and mellowing closer 'All Good Things'.



  1. Galaxy Rise
  2. Supererogation
  3. At the Dream’s Edge
  4. The Mirror
  5. Bad Code
  6. Harvery Wallbanger
  7. Ghosts of the Golden City
  8. Far From Home
  9. Terminus Pt 1
  10. Terminus Pt 2
  11. Terminus Pt 3
  12. Under One Sky
  13. All Good Things
Released12 April 2010
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