Italian atmospheric post-hardcore quintet FALL OF MINERVA will be releasing début album 'Portraits' on the 25th of March 2016 via Basick Records!

After releasing two EPs back in 2011 and 2013, FOM are now ready to share 'Portraits'.

Vocalist Simone Dal Pozzolo explains: "We're quite curious and excited about the feedback we will receive from everyone when 'Portraits' is released. I can say that this record is both sides more aggressive and more melodic, so it's really interesting to listen to these different sounds mixed together on the album. Personally, I tried my best to give something more to this release, for example giving a melody to my voice, and I know our guitarists spent a lot of time searching for the best sound possible.

This album really contains the best music we have composed so far and we are so proud of it. I guess we can say that this record is a breath of fresh air in the post-hardcore genre, inclusive of elements of both post-rock and post-metal."

'Portraits' will be released via Basick Records on March 25th 2016.



  1. Beyond The Pines
  2. Novocaine
  3. Boundless Lands, Confined Thoughts
  4. Träume
  5. Green Ghost
  6. Caronte
  7. Demagogy
  8. Sguardi Nel Buio
  9. Grave Of The Fireflies
  10. Ask The River
Released25 March 2016
Copyright 2018 Basick Records

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