The Shape Of Things To Come


'The Shape Of Things To Come' is the upcoming EP from melodic tech-rock quintet First Signs Of Frost, and is the first release from the band since they resurfaced in 2015.

Drawing influence from the likes of Deftones, Tool and Glassjaw, London's First Signs Of Frost push the boundaries with their unique blend of technical instrumentation, epic soundscapes and anthemic vocal melodies.

With a fresh line-up the band have bounced back with a new lease of life, expanding and moulding their sound to showcase more groove and ambiance than ever before. Of the new release, newly recruited vocalist Daniel Lawrence comments:

"Over the past two years we have been quietly and solidly working away to bring something different to the table, a record that not only reflects who we are and the history of the band, but more importantly showcases our future. 'The Shape Of Things To Come' is as poignant an EP title as possible, it is the first of many releases we have planned in the near future and we cannot wait to share this with fans old and new. We hope you enjoy this record as much as have bringing it to life."

'The Shape Of Things To Come' will be released August 11th 2017 on Basick. Pre-orders are now live over at Basick Supplies!



  1. Meat Week
  2. White Flag
  3. Look Alive Sunshine
  4. Atlantis
  5. Sharks
Released11 August 2017
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