The Summit Lies Skyward


2016 is proving to be the most productive year yet for Basick's bearded Progressive Rock quartet FOES! Having already released the stunning singles 'Beautiful Fiction' and 'The Everest' (plus free download 'Heike'), alongside playing multiple shows across the country it comes as awesome news that their debut album 'The Summit Lies Skyward' will soon be available for all to hear.

The band's ability to make complex ideas accessible and create hooks out of the unexpected has been further refined on the upcoming full-length.

The band commented: "We couldn't be more proud that we're finally able to release this album. For us, it's the culmination of three years of hard work with FOES, and a year of solid writing. Every element of the record was created and considered with the mindset of making a debut we'd hope could stand the test of time. To then be able to take the finished product, and release it through one of our favourite UK labels is a huge privilege. We hope this album can mean as much to someone else as it does to us."

'The Summit Lies Skyward' will be released via Basick Records on October 7th 2016.



  1. The Choir Invisible
  2. Young Sovereign
  3. Beautiful Fiction
  4. No Sleepers Verse
  5. Sworn Host
  6. From Stillness Came Slow Bloom
  7. Orchestrator
  8. Brothers Mortal
  9. In Standing Vigil
  10. Pin Feather
  11. The Everest
Released07 October 2016
Copyright 2018 Basick Records

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